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Morning Coffee on Hawkeye Point – Goat Rocks Wilderness Mt. Rainier & Mt. Adams

Goat Rocks Wilderness Goat Lake Mount Rainier Mount Adams Panoramic Washington PNW

Reminiscing on PNW hiking late July 2016.

Goat Rocks Wilderness Goat Lake Mount Rainier Mount Adams Panoramic Washington PNW

Goat Rocks Wilderness Panoramic “morning coffee walk” – standing on Hawkeye Point 7,431 feet. Between Mt. Ranier (left) and Mt. Adams (right). Goat Lake center in front of “Old Snowy Mountain” where the  Pacific Crest Trail passes by- see 2 photos below.

Old Snowy Mountain Goat Rocks Wilderness Pacific Crest Trail PCT1476

“Old Snowy Mountain” and PCT 140mm

Old Snowy Mountain Goat Rocks Wilderness Pacific Crest Trail PCT1476

morning PCT hikers though 400mm zoom


Goat Rocks Wilderness Johnson Peak Mt. Rainier Hawkeye pointJohnson Peak – from. Hawkeye Point 140mm

Mountain Goats climbing above Goat Lake in Goat Rocks WildernessHerd of goats climbing cliffs above Goat Lake, 260mm EF70-200mm 2.8L (with 2x)

Mount Rainier from Goat Rocks Wilderness 360mm telephoto


Mt. Rainier 360mm


Goat Rocks Wilderness Mt. Rainier Camping Backpacking

Our tent in the foreground (in trees on left) with Mt. Adams in the distance. Heading up to Hawkeye point to catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier.


Brotogs Big Sur v.5 – 2017 | Cone Peak Summit “Sea to Sky” trail

HWY-1 to Big Sur was closed in both directions due to landslides. Up and over we drove, surfed that evening, hiked Cone Peak 5,155 ft. in less than 6 miles on the “Sea to Sky Route”. Camped 4 days and skateboarded HWY-1 each night at sunset.

Fort Hunter Liggett

Sea to Sky Cone Peak Big Sur




Sea to Sky Cone Peak Big Sur

Sea to Sky Cone Peak Big Sur



Fort Hunter Liggett

Endless Malta

Maltese Falcon Azure Window

Les Alpes


Brotogs Big Sur 4.0

Brotogs Big Sur 4.0

Full Moon rise San Francisco 1-16-14

Full Moon Rise San Francisco

Corona Heights Park


Hammonds Reef Santa Barbara

Hammonds Reef Santa Barbara

40 Select NASA Goddard Images

I cannot take any credit for these images except for compiling this specific collection after spending hours reading about each of them on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Flickr website.  I have been browsing the GSFC images for days after stumbling upon them while searching for satellite imagery of the Yosemite Rim Fire that happened in August-September 2013.  The first images in this collection are views of the Yosemite fire in California.  The rest are just a few of the many compelling shots posted by the Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center.

San Francisco Moonrise

One Exposure edited in LR4 – 9/17/13

San Francisco Moonrise Potrero Hill


RAW vs. JPG demo file  for instructional use under creative commons agreement

San Francisco – Twin Peaks at Night

5DMk2 Canon 70-200IS – 1.6 sec. ƒ2.8 ISO 200

San Francisco Twin Peaks Buckski





Lobster Fishing Boat off Deer Isle Maine

Waipio Valley hike


Waipio Valley Big Island

Tycho Ascension – Sutro Tower

Music by Tycho. Song: Ascension Video by BUCKSKI Flight by 780P and 1080P

San Francisco Sky Tour

January 16, 2013 – Scenic flight tour over Palo Alto, East Bay, Berkeley, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Marin Headlands, Half Moon Bay.

BUCKSKI Radio Tower


































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Decals. I think so

Austin Formula 1 Grand Prix

Space Shuttle Endeavour


Lost Coast Trail Backpacking

Hawaii Snorkle

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The Alps