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Endless Malta

Maltese Falcon Azure Window

Les Alpes


Brotogs Big Sur 4.0

Brotogs Big Sur 4.0

Full Moon rise San Francisco 1-16-14

Full Moon Rise San Francisco

Corona Heights Park


Hammonds Reef Santa Barbara

Hammonds Reef Santa Barbara

Dream Big


Green River – Day 4

Green River Utah

Green River

Green River Utah

Mt. Tam

Hiking Marin Headlands with Kerry Obrien, San Francisco

40 Select NASA Goddard Images

I cannot take any credit for these images except for compiling this specific collection after spending hours reading about each of them on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Flickr website.  I have been browsing the GSFC images for days after stumbling upon them while searching for satellite imagery of the Yosemite Rim Fire that happened in August-September 2013.  The first images in this collection are views of the Yosemite fire in California.  The rest are just a few of the many compelling shots posted by the Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center.